Nepali meal cooking class

You have a day or morning free and you want to learn how to cook Nepali food like locals?
Welcome to Nepali food Cooking Class by Nepali cook : Our main meal is “Daal Bhat " - means lentil soup & rice - the Nepali cooking class starts from USD 20 per person ( we can pick up from your hotel and drop you back at extra cost of just USD 10 inside Kathmandu valley)

 Learn to cook Mo Mos,Bara, Chapati, Paratha and of course Very balanced diet “Daal Bhat”  means Rice and lentil soup is every day meal in Nepal - 75 % of Nepali eat Daal Bhat twice a day!

Actually they say Daal Bhat is a very balanced meal on trek they have a popular saying "Daal Bhat Power - 24 hour. "

There is no better way to learn Nepali cooking once you are in Nepal and taking a Nepali cooking class, taught by qualified Nepali cook. The Cooking Courses at "Nepali Cultural" Home stay is like a Cooking School at Nepali home by passionate authentic cook - this is an ideal home-style learning environment that is different from most of the hotels and restaurants in Nepal. Thinking of taking a Nepali cooking class on the last day of your stay or even stay at the Nepali home with a family? Come at the "Nepali Cultural" Home stay and enjoy our hospitality in a peace and tranquil environment.

At "Nepali Cultural" Home stay you can cook Nepali meal, stay with Nepali family for a night, eat with them and be like local Nepali.

Day 1st cooking class will be 3 to 4 hours max. Eat same meal you cooked, learn how to Make Bread, Momos, Rice And Lintel  and eat it, overnight stay at "Nepali Cultural" Home Stay and leave after breakfast the next day If you have any program outside from Home Stay.

A Nepali cooking class is something you can continue to use and share for a lifetime at home or gatherings. And the best thing is: this souvenir from Himalaya is no extra luggage and your friends and family will love it too.Main NEPALI CUISINE  cooking class -  “Daal Bhat” for one day class includes learn to make Daal(Lentil Soup) Bhat(Steamed Rice) Tarkari(Vegetable) Achar(Pickle) and Tea.If interested can learn how to make MO MO and Paratha.
Who is Teacher for Nepali cooking class and where is It?

 At our Nepali meal cooking course a qualified Nepali Cook /chefs teach the secrets of preparing Nepali food the authentic way. Lessons take place in a stylish fully-equipped kitchen, where classes are hands-on and of a small size - never more than six people. Nepali cook will emphasize the importance of traditional  Nepali  / Indian technique, innovative use of ingredients and aesthetic presentation. You'll learn about the seasonality of Nepali food, a range of dishes that includes starters,  Momos, salads, curries, Paratha, Daal, Bhat , Aachar and deserts. If you're one of the millions of budding cooks around the world who would like to make your own Nepali food, then a Nepali cooking class is for you. Learn directly from professional Nepali  Cooks who will teach you about the flavors, ingredients and techniques in cooking Nepali food. You'll get to taste the food as you go. And finally, at the end of your class, you'll get a small gift of Masala and certificate to take home with you. Actually wrap up your journey to Nepal Himalaya wonderfully learning how to make Daal Bhat, Momos, Chapati and Paratha that you have been enjoying while on trek or tour.
A Nepali cooking class is something you can continue to use and share for a lifetime at home or gatherings. And the best thing is: this souvenir from Himalaya is no extra luggage and your friends and family will love it too.

Nepali Cooking Class fee:
Vegetarian Plan:
US$ 20 per Person, Per Class/ US$ 35 per Person Including Accommodation over Night

Menu Of Nepali Cooking Class

  • Daal (Lentil Soup)
  • Bhat (Cooked White Rice)
  • Tarkari (Spiced Vegetables)
  • Saag (Green Leafs)
  • Dahi (Yogurt) and Chiya – Mansala tea
  • MOmo making  ( optional)
  • Paratha  bread making ( optional)
  • Chapati bread making ( optional)
  • Learn  cooking Daal Bhat ( Rice, Lentils,  curry either Veg. or non Veg.), Momos ( veg. or Non Veg.), Paratha, Chapati , Aachar, Chiya  as you meet and learn from local Nepali family
  • Shop at the Local market as you source ingredients for your cooking classes
  • Meet a Nepali family, from whom you'll learn to make local dishes as they cook every day at their home
  • Learn Nepali phrases and cooking terminology along the way which even Lonely planet forget to teach you
  • Enjoy the taste of everyday life as you share your cooking with the family!
  • Activities


Language: English
Travelers: Min. 1 person Max. 6 people

Cost: Only cooking class USD 20 per person
If cooking class home stay Combined USD 35 per person per night
If only overnight stay at home stay USD 15 per person per night
Long term apartment stay monthly rates available

Transport arrangements: Pick Up and drop services from hotels available at request USD 5 per person if more than 2 pax, If just 1 person USD 10

Sample itinerary for Nepali cooking class


  • 9:30AM: Hotel pickup - let us know your name of the hotel
  • 10:00AM: Lunch cooking class commences with some local Masala and Veg. shopping
  • 12:00-1:00PM: Enjoy your dish for lunch with the family
  • Return to hotel / airport


  • 4.30PM: Hotel pickup
  • 5 PM: Dinner cooking class with host family with some local Masala and Veg. shopping
  • 6:30- 8 PM: Enjoy the dinner you prepared with the whole family
  • 8.30 Return to hotel / airport

Note: If you are leaving same day to home we can also drop to the airport

How to book?
Call us at 98510 23607 or 4027333 or Email Us: / just one day before the course, we will give you the confirmation.